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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 Drinks Deep Explanation

So I have been thinking for a few months about starting a blog. I don't consider myself unusually unique or special, but my life path has caused me to look at life a little different than many and I think people will be able to find value in what I bring to the table. Much of this will be spent chronicling the daily life of a young adult with nothing to do but work and experience what God brings me, both good and bad. I don't plan on ever using a person's real name, but all of you who read this will recognize your nickname, as it will have some special meaning between you and me. If there are any requests for topics please let me know, as I will gladly broach any subject from hottest women, best baseball player, dark beer v. light beer, stupid people we all know and love, religion, history, take your pick, I don't care. My other commitment is to primarily post after 3 drinks. The mind (and mouth) tend to open up after a few beverages, and this seemed like a humorous title anyway. For those of you closest to me, this will also seem appropriate. On to my first post....

I thought I'd set the stage for who I am as a person, where I am in life, what got me here...almost a baseline for all other posts. You need to know there are very few things that truly matter to me...the obligatory God and family (though I do mean it), my friends (I guarantee you mine are better than yours), sports (all things Texas A&M, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers), and relaxing. Now relaxing does seem to be a very generic term, but for me it is not. There are VERY few greater feelings than sitting with your friends and enjoying a cold beer or a high ball glass with your favorite cocktail. Unfortunately, as many of you have experienced, that relaxing has turned into quite the rabble-rousing in the past. I am known to "relax" entirely too much and fold to peer-pressure very, very quickly. I spent from age 19-24 known as quite the socialite, imagine a male version of Lindsey Lohan with ZERO musical or acting ability. I have also been very lucky with no significant jail of yet. But my real turning point came on Single Awareness Day. I was on a typical Saturday bender, and let it get out of hand. PLEASE NOTE ALL OF THIS IS WHAT I HAVE PIECED TOGETHER: I was attempting to walk home from a house of ill-repute and was jumped. I lost the 3 most important possessions I owned (Aggie Ring, watch, and iPhone). About that time, I was really struggling at my first job after graduating from A&M, and was feeling a lot of pressure. Showing up like a Vietnam vet that Monday was not helping. The next month saw me dedicate every waking moment to getting better, but nothing seemed to work. My bosses (henceforth known as Arrogant Ags) sat me down and told me "get it together or find another job." So I decided I would try to do both. The Arrogant Ags did not appreciate this and began attempting to document my performance....this told me to get the heck out.

So quick recap: Lost 3 most important things to me AND my job in about a month. Talk about hitting rock bottom. One of my best friends, Jersey Shore, said to me, "Josh, w**, it's time for you to stop ******* around and get it together. You have so much in front of you, start taking advantage of it!!!" Now I have been very, very lucky to have GREAT men around me my whole life and their lessons began to come back to me. My father (henceforth know as Dad), my uncle (The Mick), and good friend we will call Thurman Munson.
  1. Lesson 1 from Dad: You have to do something that you can enjoy, don't kid yourself into thinking something else will work. You don't have to love it, but you do have to enjoy it.
  2. Lesson 2 from The Mick: When you find something you are good at, absolutely bust your @$$ to be the very best.
  3. Lesson 3 from Thurman Munson: You are going to have to work and sacrifice to become successful, it doesn't matter what you do or where you do it.
Over that next month, all of these lessons started hitting too many jager bombs after a 12 pack of beer. I got very lucky and was gift wrapped a great job that I truly enjoy by Dad. He stumbled across more good people, and talked them into giving me a shot. I took those 3 lessons to heart and have never been more at peace in my life, especially not since high school. From a business perspective, not everyone would enjoy what I do, and some probably look down on it, but I am happy and doing something I am very good at, even at 25. I must also give credit to God for opening the right doors and providing for me during these last few months, they have not been easy. My spiritual life will be discussed in a whole different segment. From a personal perspective, I may have never been more at peace with my life. I have made such strides since early spring, and while I am not where I want to be, for the first time in 7 years, I am headed in the right direction.

I am not really sure how long this blog will last, or if it will turn into an online journal that won't die with my next computer. Questions, comments, concerns are much appreciated. I appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your day, and hopefully my lessons will resonate with you as well.



  1. Excellent blog post my friend. I look forward to more.